The Standard August Party Rules Apply

  1. You are not obliged to bring anything, but if you'd prefer to bring something, a bottle of liquor for the bar or a potluck food item would be very welcome.
  2. Stay a long time or don't.
  3. Dress Hawaiian or don't.
  4. Bring the children or don't.
  5. Children under the age of 21 are strictly prohibited from drinking the more expensive alcohol.
  6. Parents are responsible for keeping your children out of pond, as an excess of drowned children can clog the filter system.
  7. Do not encourage Steve Isaacson.
  8. Do not wake the host after he has passed out, no matter how loudly he is snoring.
  9. Behavior that damages the premises is strictly forbidden, even if it is done at the expressed encouragement of the host.
  10. There is still no rule 10.
  11. In the event of any lewd and lascivious behavior, the host must be immediately alerted, and preferably reminded to bring his digital camera.
  12. The music is for the host to choose and for you to suffer.
  13. There shall be NO dancing on tables, regardless of what Aman Bhutani tells you to do.

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