The Creatures show (Fenix 5/10/99)

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So last night I meet Monica after her philosophy group meeting in
Pioneer Square and we walk to the Fenix and here's a snippet of
conversation with an elaborately costumed guy in front of us in
the line to see The Creatures and the big guy checking IDs:

Doorman: "What are you?"
Guy: "I'm a satyr."
Doorman: "What's a satyr?"
Guy: "Half man, half goat."
Doorman: "Where are your hooves?"
The guy shows the 4-inch heels on his boots, and walks in.
Pete: "I'm a satyr too."
Doorman: "You don't look like a satyr."
Pete: "What, all of a sudden you're a satyr expert?"
Monica: "I really don't want my friends to see me here."